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26-06-201911:34:31KLANGBAR - MiniMix 11-2019
26-06-201911:04:31Deepend amp; Joe Killington - Could Be Love
26-06-201911:01:31SEAN FINN amp; CORONA - The Rhythm of the Night Original Mix
26-06-201910:58:31BOB SINCLAR FEAT. AKON - Someone Who Needs Me
26-06-201910:52:32R3HAB amp; THRDLFE Ft. Olivia Holt - Wrong Move
26-06-201910:49:31Alan Walker Ft. Gavin James - Diamond Heart
26-06-201910:43:31Thandi Pheonix amp; Sigma - Say It Original Mix
26-06-201910:40:31Alle Farben amp; YOUNOTUS amp; Kelvin Jones - Only Thing We Know
26-06-201910:31:31Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Promises
26-06-201910:28:31Jonas Blue - Polaroid Nolan van Lith Remix
26-06-201910:25:31Jax Jones amp; Years amp; Years - Play
26-06-201910:22:31Mike Candys amp; Jack Holiday - The Riddle Anthem Rework
26-06-201910:19:31HUGEL Ft. Taio Cruz - Signs
26-06-201910:16:31Khalid - Talk Alle Farben Remix
26-06-201910:13:32Mabel - Dont Call Me Up
26-06-201910:04:31Fatboy Slim - Praise You Purple Disco Machine Remix
26-06-201910:01:31MARTIN SOLVEIG FEAT. ALMA - Do It Right
26-06-201909:58:31David Puentez Ft. Robyn The Bank - Believe feat. Shawnee Taylor amp; MTS Radio Mix
26-06-201909:55:32Danielle Diaz feat. Clint Jun - Anyone But You
26-06-201909:52:31Joe Stone amp; Cr3on - Is It Really Love

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Wednesday00:00-01:00JESUnleash The BeatTrance
Wednesday01:00-03:00Ori UpliftUplifting OnlyTrance
Wednesday05:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Wednesday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Wednesday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Wednesday12:00 - 18:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Wednesday18:00 - 19:00Jason Micodem Jason Mico seine Stunde HouseHouse
Wednesday19:00 - 20:00Lukas & SteveSkyline SessionBigroom
Wednesday20:00 - 21:0054houseHot RotationHouse
Wednesday21:00 - 22:00Jay FrogDance Of ToadsHouse
Wednesday22:00 - 23:00Christian LauteSo You Like Future HouseFuture House

Thursday00:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Thursday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Thursday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Thursday12:00 - 19:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Thursday19:00 - 20:00Jonas BlueElectronic Nature RadioshowHouse
Thursday20:00 - 21:00Don DiabloHexagon RadioBigroom
Thursday21:00 - 23:0054houseHot RotationHouse
Thursday23:00 - 24:00ToolboxInside The BoxHouse

Friday00:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Friday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Friday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Friday12:00 - 20:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Friday20:00 - 21:00Sunny MarleenSunnys Beat SessionElectro / Bigroom
Friday21:00 - 22:00CuebrickConferenceBigroom
Friday22:00 - 23:00MD ElectroNightlife ExperienceBigroom
Friday23:00 - 24:00Jonas BlueElectronic Nature RadioshowHouse

Saturday00:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Saturday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorningshowHouse
Saturday12:00 - 18:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Saturday18:00 - 19:00Cassey DoreenThis Is Cassey DoreenBigroom
Saturday19:00 - 20:00EDXNoXcusesHouse
Saturday20:00 - 21:00Lukas & SteveSkyline SessionBigroom
Saturday21:00 - 22:00LumberjackReloadBigroom
Saturday22:00 - 23:00Don DiabloHexagon RadioBigroom
Saturday23:00 - 24:00Paul BinghamAvantinova RadioBigroom

Sunday00:00 - 01:00Futuristic Polar BearsBack To Earth RadioshowBigroom
Sunday01:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Sunday06:00 - 11:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Sunday11:00 - 13:00Lazaro MarquessBreakfast House ClubHouse
Sunday13:00 - 19:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Sunday19:00 - 20:00KlingandePlayground Radio ShowHouse
Sunday20:00 - 22:00Dance50ChartshowHouse
Sunday22:00 - 23:00Sean FinnRadioshowHouse
Sunday23:00 - 24:00Run DBN,Run Deep & Pyro RecordsRun RadioBigroom

Monday00:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Monday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Monday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Monday12:00 - 19:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Monday19:00 - 20:00NikolazPure NikolazHouse
Monday20:00 - 22:00KlangbarNightflightHouse
Monday22:00 - 23:00MingWARMTHHouse

Tuesday00:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Tuesday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Tuesday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Tuesday12:00 - 19:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Tuesday19:00 - 20:00Lazaro MarquessHouseAnschlussDeephouse
Tuesday20:00 - 22:0054House Clubrotation Pres. Arnold Palmer & FriendsBigroom
Tuesday22:00 - 23:00PS CastleMoments in TranceTrance
Tuesday23:00 - 24:00MauLrThe Freaking Beats RadioshowTrance
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