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21-05-201806:51:01Ina Wroldsen - Strongest Alan Walker Remix
21-05-201806:48:01Chris Night amp; Alex Martin - Nobody Knows Original Mix
21-05-201806:45:01Gryffin - Nobody Compares To You
21-05-201806:42:01STEREOACT FEAT. VOYCE - Ich will nur Tanzen Blondee amp; Roberto Mozza Remix
21-05-201806:39:01KLINGANDE FEAT. M22 - Rebel Yell Radio Mix
21-05-201806:36:01Sons Of Maria - Coming Home
21-05-201806:33:02Alison Wonderland - Church Party Pupils Remix
21-05-201806:30:01Synapson - Hide Away feat. Holly
21-05-201806:27:01Madd - Closer Radio Edit
21-05-201806:24:01BLONDEE amp; ROBERTO MOZZA FEAT. LIMA - Wonderful Life Radio Edit
21-05-201806:21:01MARTIN SOLVEIG FEAT. ALMA - All Stars
21-05-201806:15:01DJ Snake amp; George Maple - Talk
21-05-201806:06:01STEREOACT FEAT. VOYCE - Stereoact feat. Voyce - So soll es bleiben
21-05-201806:03:01Kungs vs. Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl Radio Edit
21-05-201806:00:01The Chainsmokers Feat. Rozes - Sick Boy
21-05-201805:57:01FEDER - Breathe
21-05-201805:54:01House Rockerz amp; Tone Hunterz amp; Jason Anousheh - Cant Wait For Your Love Radio Mix
21-05-201805:51:01Cheat Codes amp; Kris Kross Amsterdam - Sex Radio Edit
21-05-201805:48:01ALYSIUS - Make Me Wild Club Version
21-05-201805:42:01Skrillex amp; Poo Bear - Would You Ever

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Monday00:00-01:00MingPresents WarmthHouse
Monday02:00-03:00Swanky TunesShowlandBigroom
Monday03:00-04:00Juicy MJuicylandBigroom
Monday04:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Monday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Monday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Monday12:00 - 16:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Monday16:00 - 17:00MingPresents WarmthHouse
Monday17:00 - 18:00Suprime Rec.On AirHouse
Monday18:00 - 19:00KlingandePlayground Radio ShowHouse
Monday19:00 - 20:00Chris La PlaceThe La Place TransformationHouse
Monday20:00 - 22:00KlangbarNightflightHouse
Monday22:00 - 24:00Henry HackingCamelia Lounge RadioHouse

Tuesday00:00-01:00Ibiza World Club TourRadioshowHouse
Tuesday01:00-02:00Tough LoveGet TwistedHouse
Tuesday02:00-03:00Sean FinnRadioshowBigroom
Tuesday03:00-04:00Jay FrogDance Of ToadsHouse
Tuesday04:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Tuesday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Tuesday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Tuesday12:00 - 17:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Tuesday17:00 - 18:00Gil GlazeGet GlazedHouse
Tuesday18:00 - 19:00Lazaro MarquessHouseAnschlussDeephouse
Tuesday19:00 - 20:00M4ROBounce Control RadioshowFuture House
Tuesday20:00 - 21:00Housemeister JayHousezeit! by Kicking Housebeatz!Trance
Tuesday21:00 - 22:00CJ StoneElectronic PleasureBigroom
Tuesday22:00 - 23:00PS CastleMoments in TranceTrance
Tuesday23:00 - 24:00Simon Mc CannCohesion RadioTrance

Wednesday00:00-02:00Ori UpliftUplifting OnlyTrance
Wednesday02:00-03:00JESUnleash The BeatTrance
Wednesday03:00-04:00Freaking BeatsRadioshowTrance
Wednesday04:00-05:00Futuristic Polar BearsBack To Earth RadioshowBigroom
Wednesday05:00 - 06:00NikolazPure NikolazHouse
Wednesday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Wednesday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Wednesday12:00 - 17:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Wednesday18:00 - 19:00Jason Micodem Jason Mico seine Stunde HouseHouse
Wednesday19:00 - 20:00DJ MisterMinister ShowBigroom
Wednesday20:00 - 21:00Rox D presentsRox D ShowBigroom
Wednesday21:00 - 22:00Damian RyseUprysingBigroom
Wednesday22:00 - 23:00Swanky TunesShowlandBigroom
Wednesday23:00 - 24:00Run DBN,Run Deep & Pyro RecordsRun RadioBigroom

Thursday00:00-01:00Futuristic Polar BearsBack To Earth RadioshowBigroom
Thursday03:00-05:00Andi DurrantElectric PlaygroundHouse
Thursday05:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Thursday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Thursday12:00 - 17:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Thursday17:00 - 18:00Jay FrogDance Of ToadsHouse
Thursday18:00 - 20:00Oscar De La FuenteBalearic BeatsHouse
Thursday20:00 - 21:00EDXNoXcusesHouse
Thursday21:00 - 22:00Lukas & SteveSkyline SessionBigroom
Thursday22:00 - 23:00JESUnleash The BeatTrance
Thursday23:00 - 24:00Freaking BeatsRadioshowTrance

Friday00:00-02:00Ori UpliftUplifting OnlyTrance
Friday02:00-03:00Simon Mc CannCohesion RadioTrance
Friday03:00-04:00Housemeister JayHousezeit! by Kicking Housebeatz!Trance
Friday05:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Friday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorning SpinHouse
Friday12:00 - 17:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Friday17:00 - 18:00Tough LoveGet TwistedHouse
Friday18:00 - 20:0054House Clubrotation Pres. Arnold Palmer & FriendsBigroom
Friday20:00 - 21:00Lazaro MarquessHouseAnschlussDeephouse
Friday21:00 - 22:00Christian LauteSo You Loke Future HouseFuture House
Friday22:00 - 23:00Don DiabloHexagon RadioBigroom
Friday23:00 - 24:00Paul BinghamAvantinova RadioBigroom

Saturday00:00-01:00Jonas BlueElectronic Nature RadioshowHouse
Saturday01:00-02:00Christian LauteSo You Like Future HouseHouse
Saturday04:00 - 06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Saturday06:00 - 09:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Saturday09:00 - 12:0054houseMorningshowHouse
Saturday12:00 - 16:0054houseHot SpotHouse
Saturday16:00 - 17:00Gil GlazeGet GlazedHouse
Saturday17:00 - 18:00Jonas BlueElectronic Nature RadioshowHouse
Saturday18:00 - 19:00Christian LauteSo You Like Future HouseHouse
Saturday19:00 - 20:00CJ StoneElectronic PleasureBigroom
Saturday20:00 - 21:00LumberjackReloadBigroom
Saturday21:00 - 22:00Swanky TunesShowlandBigroom
Saturday22:00 - 23:00GerardThe MixElectro / Bigroom
Saturday23:00 - 24:00Juicy MJuicylandBigroom

Sunday00:00-01:00Jon ThomasBlack Lemon RadioshowHouse
Sunday01:00-02:00Chris La PlaceThe La Place TransformationHouse
Sunday02:00-03:00Don DiabloHexagon RadioBigroom
Sunday03:00-04:00Paul BinghamAvantinova RadioBigroom
Sunday04:00-06:0054houseMainhall at NightHouse
Sunday06:00 - 10:0054houseWake Up BeatHouse
Sunday10:00 - 12:00Lazaro MarquessBreakfast House ClubHouse
Sunday12:00 - 16:0054houseHot SpotBigroom
Sunday16:00 - 18:00Cassey DoreenThis Is Cassey DoreenBigroom
Sunday17:00 - 19:00Dance50ChartshowHouse
Sunday19:00 - 20:00MD ElectroNightlife ExperienceBigroom
Sunday20:00 - 21:00Jon ThomasBlack Lemon RadioshowHouse
Sunday21:00 - 22:00Lukas & SteveSkyline SessionBigroom
Sunday22:00 - 23:00BK DukePlay It Loud!House
Sunday23:00 - 24:00Sean FinnRadioshowBigroom
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